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DT-Link!Rise directly to a high position!


Whenever the roc flies into the sky, thousands of kilometers will be passed by


----Myanmar, Singapore memorabilia


DY-Link Engineering & Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, After nearly 20 years of continuous development, DY-Link has become a leading enterprise. After 20 years of accumulation, we have made a brilliant future of the our brand. At present, the products of DY-Link not only sell well in China, but also go to the world!




ZTE needs to build more than 500 sets of 80m guyed mast tower in Myanmar. After fully understanding of the domestic market, ZTE and its customers chose DY-Link to undertake the project. The leadership of the company attaches great importance to this project. The President Mr. Hu , the vice President Mr. Xu and other leaders have communicated with customers and got fully understood of the needs of customers. The supply chain was produced strictly according to the international requirements, make high quality products with short time, Deliver within the time limit of the customer and passed the quality acceptance of ZTE. At the same time, the company sent 11 inspectors to Myanmar to provide supervision services, the project was successfully completed under difficult conditions and was fully appreciated by international customers.


Distant view of 80m guyed mast tower in Myanmar



Factory inspection photos




The products of DY-Link are not only enjoyed great popularity in China, but also have high-profile on abroad. On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2016, Mr. Vincent Goh a Singaporean client contact us by telephone, he thought that DY-Link has strong strength and hoped to cooperate with us. The leadership of the our company attaches great importance to this project and invite Mr. Vincent Goh to visit our company.


After visiting the company headquarter and our production base, Mr. Vincent was very satisfied with our production capacity and service ability. He immediately signed a contract with us customize two Angle-Steel towers. During the execution of this order, we are faced with many problems, such as raw materials procurement difficulties, delivery pressure etc, through several close communication with customers, we eventually overcome the difficulties and finish delivery successfully.


Radar Tower in Singapore


Construction photos


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