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DY-Link Won “Hangzhou Famous Brand”


DY-Link brand creating work achieved new breakthroughs. It was reviewed and visited by Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau accreditation group, DY-Link brand was awarded the district level and municipal level famous brand.

   This is not only the affirmation for DY-Link brand and communication tower’s overall solution and service, but also the pursuit of enterprise tenet “product quality equates with moral standing, reputation coexists with life”, even the honor given by owners and market, and also the result of the DY-Link’s joint efforts of all colleagues .

   The evaluation panel carried out an investigation for management of the use of trademarks , customer satisfaction and the companys financial condition , industry position, experts praised company’s leaders paying high attention to creating work, agreed that our company has good creating foundation, solid atmosphere and clear goal ,and hope our company can continue efforts to mend our pace for creating ,and to achieve better results.


   This honor will continue to inspire DY-Link staff, as the best communication tower’s overall solution and service, enhance the corporate image, strive to improve the competitiveness in the domestic and international market, achieve their sustainable development, and to create a glorious dream.


 " Hangzhou Famous Brand " Certificate

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